After our SS series there will be a new iratiing system going into affect to determine series eligibility. If you are above the irating cap for a lower series meaning SS or LM series you will not be eligible to run in those series. We are working on a sponsorship deal for each series and if that does not come through each series winner will receive $100.00  If we do get the sponsorship the top 3 in points will receive a payout. All series will be fixed after the Modifieds are done running. The new fixed SS series will be starting Oct. 4th and will be free to enter. To enter a series you simply need to be a part of the league on iracing and your irating isn't above the cutoff line. 

All divisions will have their iratings posted on their series page ASAP. There is a new rules page being made up and each driver will need to read them and agree to the terms before they are eligible to run their first race. These said rules will not be up for debate during races, They can be brought up in the post race meeting which all drivers will need to attend. Before every race there is also a mandatory drivers meeting and if you are not present you will receive an EOL penalty once gridded.

Each series will have heat races and if more than 20 drivers register, We will only be taking 20 drivers for the feature. We will run multiple heats as well as a LCQ (last chance qualifier). We hope this will bring better racing and we are going to have the top divisions broadcasted live every week. Right now Digital Forge covers our modified series and we will be looking for someone to cover other races "schedule pending". 

A 1/3 mile asphalt oval in the Pocono Foot Hills, racing from January through October

Race Nights

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Mon - Mods

Tues - SS 

Wed - LM

Thurs- Legends

Fri - 4 Cyl

Sat -  OFF

​Sun - OFF