​C.E.O - Skip Lynn     /      C.O.O - Ted Grow    /    Manager - Dw Jones    /     Public Relations - Matt Hampton

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          PRACTICE BEGINS -  7:00 PM 

          DRIVERS MEETING - 9:20 PM

HEAT1 -  7:45 PM  - TOP 5   -- 12 LAPS

HEAT 2 - 8:00 PM  - TOP 5   -- 12 LAPS

HEAT3 - 8:15 PM   - TOP 5   -- 12 LAPS


B-MAIN - 8:50 PM- TOP 5   --  20 LAPS

FEATURE 9:30 PM  20 CARS --     TBA

$ 5.00

Race Nights

Mar. 1st

Mar. 1st

Times are for ALL divisions

​It has been a number of months since STNS has swung open the gates for competitors on the iracing servers, but with racing season right around the corner the timing couldn’t be more than perfect to return to action. League owners Skip Lynn and Ted Grow unfortunately had to step away for a few months due to some personal issues & even with some of those issues still on going it is time to bring back the racing we love.

Skip Lynn CEO and Ted Grow have talked for the last few months about bringing back the series, and will do so beginning March 1.There will be a five race series which will crown a King Of The Mountain. Each race drivers are asked to pre-register no less than two hours prior to the start in which practice will begin at 7pm est so payment must be made by 5pm est. 

There will be a $5 entry fee per race or drivers can pay the full $25 to race all 5 races. The track will be Lanier & run open setup.You can find the full schedule on our league website www.shorttracknationalshowdown.com
Drivers will compete in heat races, lineup will be based on when you enter the practice session 1st car to enter will have pole heat 1. 2nd car to enter will have pole heat 2 and so on. Microphones will be mandatory for all races and drivers MUST attend a Mandatory Drivers meeting that will take place at 740pm est. Heats will start at 745, if you are late to the drivers meeting you will start in the rear of your heat NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

If you miss the drivers meeting you will start at the rear of the heat race.The top 20 cars will start the feature. No more than 20 cars will start.If you do not qualify for the main your money is non refundable.
The race will follow all IrIracing race code, meaning we will not give waves, clear black flags(unless glitched) you will need to serve these like you would in an official iracing race.We will not tolerate any type of flamming of any nature. If there is an issue during the race it is to be brought up in team-speak in the hauler room after the race.

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